Posted by: Dave | August 29, 2009

One Blog to Rule Them All?

Many a times have I tried to start a blog, and [much like my 6th grade gigapet…] they always seem to die in their infancy. So what’s the deal?

This time I  think I’ve figured it out: I try to stick to a theme pertinent to my life at the time – but then life changes. For example, my blog College Doodles was dedicated to my doodles (many, but not all, were in class). I’ve since graduated, and life now leaves me no time to doodle.  My Blog The Data Cube was more professional, but died when I shifted away from Business Intelligence in my profession.  Many others that have tried to stick to a theme have also died – both from the Internet and my memory. My personal blog over at my personal site was the exception. The problem with that was that it was a completely home-grown blogging solution, and not a very good one.

So, what’s going on this time? I’m just going to blog about whatever I’m finding interesting at the time and see where it goes.

I’ve got a good feeling about a sustained blog this time.


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